I’m an ISFJ

Well, at least for today.  I’m also a Gemini, so there’s that.

I “sorta knew” about personality types.  I read about them somewhere.  I probably took the test years ago.  Evidently, it’s now a thing.  Before I did anything with the career center at school, I had to take the test.  A PR agency I visited had a chart of employees’ personality types on the wall and on their doors.

According to Truity.com 

Isabel Briggs Myers created the sixteen personality types with the help of her mother, Katharine Briggs, and the theories of psychologist Carl Jung. Since then, much research has been done into how each type functions at work, at home, and in relationships. Our in-depth personality profiles incorporate Briggs Myers’ work, along with modern personality research, to give you a complete picture of your personality type.

Typecasted by TypeFocus- I care, I work hard, and I get the job done.

“ISFJs are warm and sensitive; being quiet, they’ll be there for a friend but won’t push. ISFJs identify with others easily and approach their problems with care and a willingness to get involved. Being practical and organized, they use their warmth to provide help in realistic ways. They are dependable and conscientious.

Careers that value the ISFJ’s natural focus on caring and commitment will be good choices. Helping careers such as health and teaching are popular. However, the other side of ISFJs, their ability to be practical and organized, open the door to such careers as librarian or office manager. Whatever specific career the ISFJ chooses, they will always focus on helping people in warm, practical ways. They get along best in jobs that are structured and offer the chance to work by themselves at times.”

Type Factor: I for Introversion   Key Word: Quiet
Your natural preference is to work with ideas and concepts. Research shows the following types of employment appeal to Introverts: library work, physical science, computer specialties, architecture, civil engineering, mathematics, optometry, and law.

People in these occupations often work by themselves or in one-to-one situations. The job rewards them for wanting to understand their work and to take the time to delve into it. In other words, they are working with their strengths.

Type Factor: S for Sensing   Key Word: Sensible

You enjoy working with details and practical applications. Research shows the following types of employment appeal to Sensors: electrical work and mechanical work, plumbing, bookkeeping, pharmacy, medical practice, police and military, dental assistance, credit management, banking, office and clerical work, health technology and computer operations. When you look at these different jobs, they all have one thing in common: the job rewards people for attention to practical details.

Type Factor: F for Feeling     
Key Word: Compassionate
You prefer work that is personable and sensitive to individuals. You appreciate work that will put you in touch with people because you are naturally attracted to helping others. Research shows the following types of employment appeal to Feelers: teaching (especially for younger children), religious work, nursing, counseling, food services, office machine operations and social work.

All these occupations have a common theme: they help people.

Type Factor: J for Judgment   Key Word: Organized

You like work organized and directed toward a goal. Research shows that many Judgers work in the following areas: engineering, management and administration, technical and industrial teaching, science teaching, technicians, law, military, biological sciences, agriculture, business (accounting, finance, banking, bookkeeping), trades (e.g., electrician, plumbing, auto mechanic, technicians) and most teaching areas.