Hi, I’m Natalie!

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Before we get started, let me confess:  I’m not 40 – I’m a bit older.  I was 40 when I received my acceptance letter so that counts for something right?  Shew.  I feel better.

What in the world did I do?
The longer story is on the blog.   I applied to grad school expecting to go part-time.  They accepted me and proffered a graduate assistant position if I went full time and on campus – a two-hour drive (one-way).  I said yes.  It’s either the bravest or the stupidest thing I have ever done considering that I have a house, a husband, an aging mom, 2 kids and 2 bonus kids (one middle schooler, one early high schooler, a high school senior, and an undergrad who attends the same university and serves in the National Guard).

What am I going to do now?
I don’t know.  Due to some massive changes in my life and health concerns, I had to resign the GA.  I’ve worked off and on in communications/PR for over 15 years either in public affairs or membership-based organizations.  I will graduate in May 2019 with a Master’s of Arts in Public Relations.  I don’t know yet if I’m going to start my own firm, work for someone else, or get my Ph.D. 

I offer website, communications strategy, and content marketing consultations and training for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations.

I’m accepting short-term freelance opportunities leading to long-term professional relationships. In other words, let’s see if we can work together now and after I graduate.

What lights me up: 
Small Businesses, Church esp. Congregational Communication/Wellness, Internal Communication, Museums, Tourism, Church, Home/Lifestyle, Personal Finance, Education, Sewing/Fabric/Fashion

I’d appreciate your help

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And if you made it this far, you now know me well enough to call me Nat.