So now what???

That’s a good question.

My client work has increased and there’s a chance that I can land another client. That excites me.

My part-time office job wants me full-time and sweetened the deal.  I love my co-workers and I have a heart for public service.

I need more than one income.  Freelancing pays more.  I have more fun.  The State is secure, and has benefits

I have kids, a house, a new hot water heater.

Plus, I FINALLY enrolled in Skillcrush.  I’m loving getting tech and design skills.

I can’t do it.

House is a mess, crafts undone, I’m still a whale.

Status quo is not even sustainable, so working another 10 hours a week at the office + freelancing 20-30 + Skillcrush is not even on the table.

So, I’m praying and waiting for peace.

And wasting time reading about being productive.



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