At the half

I took the hardest two classes of the program (or so I was told – my new textbook that I received today gives me doubts) at the same time this summer.  Thank God it was only for one summer.  I don’t think me, the hubby, or the kids could do it again.

I feel guilty because the hubby postponed his own capstone project to help me with my classes.

I’m trying not to feel guilty about taking a break and just working and doing “stuff” over break.  My house is a bit cleaner, a few books were read, and we traveled out of state to visit family.  Yeah, there are some things I probably should be doing (cough cough – Google Analytics certification), but I really want to just work, chill, and try to do all the personal stuff I can so I can focus on my three classes this fall.

I am doing a digital detox though.  I’m reading articles and deciding whether to keep or trash them.  It’s the chapstick of the Internet  – I have articles everywhere, but can’t find one when I need it.

I have about three weeks to go before Fall term.  I’m hoping my pre-vacation, house-cleaning, get sh!t done mojo returns.

I stepped back from one of my jobs and the Avon gig for now.   It’s just too much.  I need to put my health up a little higher on the priority list and I know I just can’t do it unless something has to give.  The kids and the hubby can’t give much more.

So, I’m stalking the college bookstore list daily so I can order my textbooks from Amazon and get a sneak peak.  Two classes down, one to go.

Other than that, I’m just–what’s the word — recovering.




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