No Yen for Zen anyway

My goal:


I’ve been dreaming about going back to Japan – specifically to spend time at a town or village with an onsen and ryokan.  I remember staying at a ryokan when I was 13 and it was otherworldly.    As good as life is right now, I know I need to recharge and escape a bit to relax and rejuvenate.

Even if I had the time and means to make the trip, it would be wasted.  Put me in yukata and on a futon, I’ll sleep for a week.  I’m so used to eating fast to get to the next assignment, chapter, thing on the to-do list, that I would not taste the delicate and exquisite flavors of the country.  And put me in a hot spring and would I enjoy the scenery? Nope.  I’d be like this little fella.


I’ve had a week of the new position, working at home, and managing other stuff and adjustments need to be made.  Time to rebalance and equation in my favor.



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