My to do list exploded.  I’m putting things into ASANA as best I can.  Still, I need to cull the lists, the notes, etc.  So, I’m having a


Am I working efficiently? No.  Am I in a “Distraction Jackson” mode?  Oh yeah.  I’ve done about 10 things that were a nuisance, but at least they are done and there’s less clutter for it.  Currently, I’m starting at the bottom of my email list and working my way up.

I finished two Udemy classes (and enrolled for a third – very cheap).  I won’t take the third class until probably spring break, but I got a great deal on it.  Plus I learned a few things from these classes that will help me with other projects already on the list.

See – I even got a certificate.  Feels like Kindergarten again.  Honestly, I’m just posting here because I still haven’t figured out my new website yet and I don’t want to lose these in the process.uc-jy2r0zv3uc-r2rug0c5

Back to the lists of lists!


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