5 Weeks in. 5 things I did right & 5 things I wish I had done.


I’m almost in a groove. I feel like a 33 1/3 at 78. I don’t have a firm grasp on everything, but I’m keeping my head above water, and I’ve only had one really bad week. So, here’s my pre-midterm post-mortem.


  1. I invested in new tech. My hard drive was chunking, the cooling fan not working.
  2. Out of my three classes, only one is on campus. If I were single, I would take all my classes on campus and probably live on campus too. However, with the commute and kids, the online classes mean I have more flexibility to do assignments, network, and attend other campus workshops.
  3. I met with my advisor over the summer. Not only did this give me a preview of the program, but we discussed my plans and direction and was able to help me start networking.
  4. I took advantage of the university’s online and on-campus services as soon as I could. I did online orientations. I started the ball rolling with the career center. I did an intake with the counseling center. I also met with the reference librarian and explored the tech store. Sure, I took a few days off here and there over the summer and made the long drive. However, it certainly meant an easier/shorter on-campus orientation and first week.
  5. I WENT. I threw away all the what ifs, decided to trust the skills God put in me that I would survive, if not thrive, and I’m going for this. If things don’t work out, I’ll come up with something.


  1. Cleaned up my social media. No, there are no drunken orgies on my Facebook page. I discovered that, for most people, I was getting the same content from the same people on Twitter, FB, and Instagram. So I unfollowed some people on certain platforms, and I streamlined FB by taking a second and choosing “Hide All From _________)” for specific sites if I don’t want any more pictures of kitty cats, weird memes, etc. I’d just prefer to see personal updates on my friends and family. Pinterest is essentially for recipes now. Pocket is my read-later app. It’s starting to save so much time.
  2. Got my professional website up and running. It’s just taking so much longer than I expected because I decided to learn WordPress at the same time. AND I DON’T HAVE THE TIME TO DO IT.
  3. Hired a housekeeper for a deep clean and had my car detailed the week before school started. Because–I HATE A MESSY HOUSE.
  4. Taken some time off between work and school. My last day of work was on Wednesday. Orientation was on Thursday. I would have spent the day in a hot tub or pool at a hotel and read a trashy novel and everything I have on my to-read list. It would be the last pleasure reading I would have for two years.
  5. I wish I had started a diet and fitness program, and adapted to a sleep schedule. I haven’t been this tired since I had a newborn and a three-year-old. My body can’t function on less than 7 hours of sleep, Pepsi and Doritos like I did in my 20s. A higher protein/clean diet, consistent exercise plan, and sleep schedule started earlier in the summer would have helped my energy level when school started.

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