One of the things I love about my university is the services and support system that’s already available to me before I take a class.

Career services REALLY wants me to find employment after graduation.  They have resume services, online portfolios, interview prep and a host of other services.  The first thing I completed was a personality assessment and there was really nothing new there.  What had me worried was that the program offered career suggestions and none of them were anything I would be comfortable doing.  I get why they were chosen, but not for me.   So I quickly booked a phone session with a career counselor.  It’s not that I’m unsuited for my chosen career; I need to look for jobs within that field that play to my strengths.    Thanks to a conversation with one of the librarians, I found out that there may be opportunities to engage with another degree program for training.  I may or may not get a master’s degree in that area, but the skills will help supplement my area.

That’s the entire reason I’m going to grad school.  As Danielle LaPorte puts it:  Do a little more of what you want to do everyday until your ideal becomes what’s real.

Want a PDF ? – click here

I also scheduled an in-take appointment at the counseling center.  I may never use it, bit I won’t have to wait as long to get help if I need to do so.  I only get 12 one-on-one appointments for each academic year, but there are support groups that I can join to fill in the gaps.  The appointment was productive and the therapist believes that I’m on the right track with the prep work I’m doing and my commitment (so far) to ramping up my organization skills, adapting activities to still feel connected to what’s most important to me, and trying to delegate what I can.  The therapist reinforced that I will need to be more deliberate about the choices I make (especially in how I spend my time) and to narrow my priorities.  We also talked about self-care and the need to adapt and schedule it so I make healthy choices and options.

I think I’m done making trips to campus until orientation.  There’s not much else I can do until I find out my GA assignment and know my schedule, what tech I need, and the resources for my classes.

I’m feeling more confident than ever that this is the right decision and that I can do this.  So confident, in fact, that I turned down a full-time job opportunity with the blessing of the hiring director because I will be more valuable to the team once I graduate.






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