Stressed out about stress

Sometimes, the orientations I’ve attended (in person and online) and other articles I’ve read on grad school really do nothing more than instill self-doubt on my ability to handle it.

This TED Talk about harnessing the benefits of stress talked me off the metaphorical ledge.

Still, I’ve been proactive and contacted a former graduate student who went through a similar program in the department.  Essentially, she told me to start taking care of myself NOW and get in a routine.  I’m  goring to try to start that on Monday – when I start using my new planning system.

Thanks to my commitment to well-being through Wellbutrin and my buddy Buspar,  I’m doing okay managing dysthymia and anxiety.  However, stress exacerbates the anxiety.  I tend to forget things, have disrupted sleep patterns, my mind goes into overdrive, and I vacillate between mute and motormouth. I REALLY don’t want that to happen.

So, I made an appointment at the university’s counseling center for an intake appointment BEFORE the semester begins.  That way if I do get in a crisis, I can get help faster.  I may never need it, but since I’m in my over prepared mode, let’s count it as good idea and one less thing I may need to stress about.







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