Planning and Procrastination – a zero done game.

Intro:  I’m recovering from a day-long massive panic attack.  This post was inspired by Mother Suzanne’s “How Are You? Really?” sermon title which, by God’s grace, I stumbled upon.

As I write this, I have 31 days until my first day of class.  Which means about 25 until my official orientation. (Note:  My laptop died -it’s been a long road getting it repaired so this was about two weeks ago.)

I am not ready.    I am overwhelmed.    I am self-doubting – about grad school, about my major, how I can afford this.

I am starting to shut down and invert into my head which goes from overthinking and panicking to trying to block it all out and just hold it together without crying in the same minute without pulling into the rest stop of logic and pull-yourself-together.

I can’t get my head out of my ass to get it in gear and I’m going nowhere.

I’ve not worked on my website (not to mention this blog) in what seems like forever.  I’ve not done ANYTHING remotely related to school this week except make two on-campus appointments:  one for a library tour and the other for the counseling center.

My house is a mess, so it’s not like I’m “pro-craft-inating” or trying to focus on getting it in order before I’m there only to sleep and shower.


I won’t pass Jour 601 if I can’t pass Time Management 101. Time management is the main challenge for grad students according to every online orientation I’ve attended.  And that’s for those who are young, without families and can walk across the street to get to class.

I can’t remember where I recently “read” it, but someone who makes more money that I do talked with someone who makes more money than he/she does and that person treats time like Dave Ramsey treats money – plan it down to ZERO.  Just like Dave gives every dollar a purpose, this other dude gave every minute a purpose.

So, in an attempt to pull back on the expressway of life, I’ve started looking at planners to start Aug 1st.

I love my Sacred Ordinary Days planner.  I just don’t use it as much as I planned.  How in the world can I get all I want to get done with THREE daily project spaces.  (Yes,  I know that’s what priorities are for and truly–more than three priorities does stress me out).  I just don’t know if it’s compatible with grad student life.

There’s the SELF Journal.  Looks very similar to the Bullet Journal, just with goal setting.

I liked the Bullet Journal method when I used it.  It was time consuming, but I did like it.  I gave it up shortly after getting my SOD planner because I wanted to simplify.  And because I didn’t have a decent journal and wasn’t going to spend the money on one since I had a journal I needed to use and it’s not quite as compatible.  I did see a rather expensive notebook at the BSU bookstore and will check it and other planner out when I go up next week.

There’s the academic version of my husband’s planner (AMZ Link).  Might be too rigid and not enough space?

Michael’s has some gorgeous mini-planners by Recollections that can be used in a binder. They seem kind of small.  However, they have separate topics.  So I don’t have to get distracted by the menu planner when I’m budget planning.  The drawback–how long before I lose one?  Do I want integration or separation? (I can’t really answer that yet.)

And there’s the Day Designer available at Target.  I found my daily version in the store.  I don’t see it online, but here’s the link to the others.  There’s no room for notes like in a Bullet Journal system, but I do like the three goals (like the Sacred Ordinary Days) and the fixed times on the daily schedule.  There’s also great guidance on how to use the planner and plan your days.

Now that I have my laptop working (for now):

I bought the daily Day Designer at Target.  I bought a Moleskin chapter notebook for an upcoming conference.  I found some smaller lined (not dotted) half size journals on clearance at B&N to use to take notes and use a modified version of this system as needed.  I start Aug 1, so I will have a couple of weeks before school starts to get used to it.

Sorry for the untimely post on time.  I have a strong premonition that my next post will be on a new laptop.







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