Prep School

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Well, I thought I would take come coding classes to brush up (read: learn) coding skills. My adviser said I didn’t really need to learn to code for school.  I still think it’s a good idea, so I think I will hit CodeAcademy for HTML and CSS early next month.

I’m working on five goals now:

  1.  Reacquaint myself (read: actually learn how to use) Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and MAYBE Dreamweaver.
  2. Get my portfolio website up to snuff
  3. Get an acceptable resume into the career center
  4. Learn Blackboard – the system for online classes.
  5. Review HTML and CSS

Online class materials will be available in early August.  No word yet on when book selections will be available.

I found a few old Adobe Classroom books I had on the shelf.  I’ve also looked into a few at the library too.  However, I’m also looking into – a division of LinkedIN.  I get free access through the university.  There are tons of online classes, videos, and even career-track training.

What I really need to prep is my sleep schedule.  I need to get up earlier if only to do laundry and read my devotions.  I’m not a morning person (unless I’m going to the race track), my bed is very comfy and, more often than not, I wake up tight in the arms of my hot Latin lover.  It doesn’t get much better than that!  However, with the long commute, I need to start getting up early now to get used to it.

I guess this is my first lesson in grad school priorities.  Nothing will get done unless I carve out a specific time.

Lesson learned.






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